• Turkey, Istanbul / Iraq, Baghdad

Since the first day, it has adopted the idea that the generator is not just a product that meets the electricity needs and has acted with the logic of a solution partner in its activities. Tamco Makine, which has made infrastructure investments in sales and after-sales, aims to provide the best service to its customers with its strong spare parts stock and mobile teams. In line with the developing market conditions and the demands of its customers, Tamco Makine has started to import diesel engines and alternators from abroad, especially from the Far East, since 2005.

During this period, Tamco became the first company to bring its diesel engine to Turkey and thus succeeded in offering the most affordable prices to the end user in the Turkish generator market.

It continues its generator production, which it started in 2005, by growing each year and adding Perkins and Cummins engines to the Tamco engine in line with the wishes of its customers.